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April 2nd, 2022 at 5:12 am

DeAngelo Jackson and Lil Niz









Mix It Up Boy

DeAngelo Jackson and Lil Niz staring intently at each other in the heat of the moment. DeAngelo is ready to get his dick wet in some white boy pussy and Lil Niz is eager to get himself a piece of that sexy ass mafucka. DeAngelo is excellent shape as usual and his dick is big and mean. Lil Niz can’t wait to suck it and get his ass all torn apart by it. DeAngelo just loves fuckin him doggy style and Niz can take it all. He begs DeAngelo to fuck his ass good and make him cum all over the place!

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November 3rd, 2016 at 5:23 am

Damien Brooks and Russ Magnus







Raw Joxxx

Damien Brooks was getting fucked all week and it was high time he got some phat ass of his own to fuck and he wanted Russ Magnus. This hot fucker fucked him earlier in the week and Damien wanted some payback. While in the shower making out Damien shoved his black cock down Russ’s throat to give him a taste of what was coming. And speaking of taste, Damien bent Russ over so he could see that phat ass spread and shove his face in their getting it fucking wet for some hot bareback fucking. Damien loved watching his black cock enter that white pussy nice and deep right to his balls, fuck he was waiting all week for this and he didn’t disappoint Russ’s phat ass either. He taught it how to take black boy cock!

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January 1st, 2015 at 5:53 pm

Barebacking Men






Raw and Rough

Kid Satyr is test fucking his cute furry boy Dusty
Williams for his Sir, Jake Wetmore. Kid face fucks Dusty to get his
cock nice and hard. He then proceeds to plow that boy’s ass with
his thick black cock. Kid breeds dusty deep. As Kid pulls his
throbbing cock out, his big cum load oozes from Dusty’s well fuck
hole. Kid gets more cum to flow from that hole by shoving a few
fingers in it. After the two calm down, Kid gets on his phone and
writes a text to his Sir to come get some of this boy’s juicy hole. In
part two Sir Jake Wetmore shows these two pups how a real Daddy fucks his boy.

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March 11th, 2014 at 1:32 am

Interracial Threeway







Next Door Ebony

They’re a couple of sexy wolves on the loose, looking for a hot hookup with somebody who’s ready for action. Tyson Tyler and his fuck buddy, Sam Swift, have ducked into a popular nightclub to find what they want. But it’s the middle of the day and they’re hoping to spot a prime specimen who’s casually enjoying his Saturday. The last guy they figured would join them is sexy bartender, Astengo. But this barkeep is always down to get wild! When Astengo returns from the back room, he finds Tyson and Sam getting warmed up with some deep kissing. When their large dicks come out, Astengo goes right in for a taste. Both Sam and Tyler are very well hung men, just how Astengo likes his random bangs. The fat cocks these guys pump into Astengo’s mouth is a lot to handle, but just the thing to break up his usual bar routine. Tyson moves around to Astengo’s ass and flicks his tongue around the tight hole. Then Tyler slides his stiff cock into Astengo’s delicious hole. Sam loves the feeling of Astengo’s mouth slurping his erect dong while he gets fucked simultaneously by Tyson. Sam switches to the other side and Astengo takes to his back to allow Sam to pound his sweet ass. Even in the middle of the day, one never knows what kind of interesting situations can be found in the City downtown. Join this steamy threesome as they explore the excitement of a random, public hookup.

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